A one-day tour of the best microbreweries in the Beskydy Mountains.


Groups of 5 – 7 people,  €75 per person.

Groups of 8 – 13 people, €70 per person.

Groups of 13 or more people, €65 per person.

The Beskydy Mountain Beer Trail introduces you to the beautiful Beskydy Mountains along the border between the Czech Republic and Slovakia and the rich brewing culture which lies just under the surface of everyday life here. Besides the beer, the focus is on the history and natural beauty of the Beskydy mountains.

The tour starts and ends in Ostrava, at your hotel. From Ostrava, we will take you to the small but beautiful towns of Stramberk, Roznov and Kozlovice, which together produce most of the best beer in the local area. Wherever you are coming from, we can help you find the most convenient connections to Ostrava so you can get beyond the tourist trails of Prague and Pilsen.

The trip is fully guided in English, freeing you from the language barrier so that you can relax and enjoy the atmosphere and of course, the beer! This tour features visits to three or four microbreweries and the produce of many more microbreweries in the surrounding countryside. The people who live in the Beskydys are friendly and hospitable, the beer and the food are fantastic; if you feel like emigrating then we can offer advice on that as well…

As well as microbreweries, we have the option of stopping at the open air museum in Roznov (which is happily very close to the brewery!). Here you can see how many local people lived until just a couple of generations ago and get a first-hand feel for the way of life which shaped the local beers. The tour is led by our beer expert Martin Jarosek at a pace to suit you but typically lasts about 8 or 9 hours, including transport. As Man cannot live by beer alone (apparently), we will take you via at least one pub with a good lunch menu and give you some options for dinner too!

The price includes your guide, all transport required to get you around the tour and a welcome beer in each pub on the tour.

Not included in the price:

Beers (apart from your welcome drinks), lunches, dinners. The open air museum costs 200 CZK (around  €7.50) and we highly recommend it. However, if you prefer to spend extra time in the pub, we fully understand, so this price is not included in the tour. Whether you choose to spend this time in the museum or the pub, the price will work out approximately the same, it just depends on your cultural priorities!

As a guide, the majority of beers cost around a Euro per half-litre glass, although some of those produced by the micro-breweries are as much as €1.20. A huge meal of pork knee and sauerkraut is about €7.50 but a typical local meal of meat and vegetables works out at around €4 to €5. You know your limits, so you can budget accordingly!

Notes on the price & programme:

For transport purposes, the prices are based on group sizes as shown at the top of this page. Larger or smaller groups can easily be catered for, although the price per person will vary according to the type of transport and the number of guides required. As we are visiting small pubs and microbreweries, larger groups may have to be divided into smaller ones! The exact programme may also vary depending on the range and quality offered by the microbreweries and pubs at the time of your visit; we always aim to show you the best available while you are here. If this tour is not exactly what you are looking for, please get in touch with your requirements and we can tailor a tour just for you.

PLEASE NOTE: All of the pubs and breweries which we visit, as well as the transport companies, have liability insurance. However, we would like to remind you that it is your responsibility to make sure you have appropriate travel insurance. Full details of our Terms & Conditions are here.