For fans of Czech beer looking for something new and different, the microbreweries of North Moravia are perfect. The beers are brewed with local barley and wheat, water from pure mountain streams and hops from around the world. There are traditional Czech beers - light and dark lagers, as well as styles from abroad such as pale ales, stouts and IPAs.

Beskydy Mountain Beer Tour

Industrial Heritage Beer Tour

Czech Beer Tours

Czech beers are getting better all the time. The demand for high quality beers among Czechs means that there are new microbreweries starting every year. Our Czech beer tours take you round these small breweries and introduce you to the beers, the food and the culture that goes with them. 

The tours are led by local people who know Czech beers inside out and speak excellent English. As well as tasting the beers, you will get a chance to see a side of the Czech Republic which most visitors miss. The breweries are in beautiful mountain towns and historical heritage sites far from Prague. The people are welcoming, the food is matched wonderfully with the beers and the history and culture of this region is quite different to the rest of the country, or even the rest of  Europe.