Booking Conditions

Alteration of your Holiday

1. When you have made your contract with DISCOVER MORAVIA, we will use our best endeavours so that none of the ingredients of your holiday arrangements has to be altered. However, you will appreciate that, because the arrangements may be planned many months in advance, sometimes changes will have to be made. Where a significant change, for example, a change in destination, or a change to a lower grade of hotel for more than two nights, is made, you will be informed when you book, or, if you have already booked, as soon as possible, if there is time before your departure. You may then:

a) accept the change

b) book any other available options from this website (where the price is less we will pay you the difference, but where the price is more you will be expected to pay the difference) or

c) cancel your booking and receive a full refund of all monies paid.

In addition, we will pay compensation as below unless we are forced to make changes because of force majeur. For the purposes of your contract with us, force majeur is defined as unusual and unforeseeable circumstances beyond our control or that of our suppliers, the consequences of which we could not have avoided even with the exercise of all due care.

Scale of Compensation (per person named on confirmation of booking)

Where the change is notified:

More than 42 days before departure NIL

21 to 42 days before departure €12

7 to 20 days before departure €18

less than 7 days before departure €24

Should we have to alter your arrangements after arrival, we will make every effort to make suitable alternative arrangements. Where those arrangements are less expensive, you will be refunded the difference. Where they are more expensive, we will bear the cost. If the revised arrangements are not acceptable to you we will make arrangements to repatriate you. In any event we will compensate you as set out above.

Cancellation of your Holiday

1. DISCOVER MORAVIA reserves the right to cancel your holiday arrangements. Should this happen, we will give you as early notification as possible and you will then be entitled;-

a) to book any other available option from this website (where the price is less we will pay you the difference, but where the price is more you will be expected to pay the additional cost), or

c) receive a full refund of all monies paid by you.

In addition, you will be entitled to receive compensation on basis defined in paragraph 1(c) under alteration, unless we are forced to cancel because of force majeur, which is also defined in paragraph 1 (c) under alteration.

2. Where the holiday is cancelled by the client for reasons other than those in condition 1 above, cancellation charges as detailed below will be levied. Notice of cancellation should be sent by e-mail; the date of receipt in our inbox will be the operative date for the cancellation. Clients who cancel are advised to keep a copy of all relevant correspondence.

If cancellation occurs:

more than eight weeks before departure: loss of deposit, full refund of the balance of monies paid.

56 to 43 days notice: Loss of 40% of monies paid.

41 to 29 days notice: Loss of 60% of monies paid.

28 to 11 days notice: Loss of 80% of monies paid.

10 to 2 days notice: Loss of 90% of monies paid.

48 hours or less notice: Loss of 100% of monies paid.

Where holidays have been booked within the times above, these charges will also apply to cover our losses resulting from the cancellation.

Operation of the Holiday

1. At DISCOVER MORAVIA, we always do our best to make sure that your holiday arrangements are satisfactory.

2. We accept liability if your holiday arrangements are not supplied to you as described in our final agreement before accepting your deposit and are not of a reasonable standard. This paragraph does not apply when you suffer personal injury which is subject to the terms of paragraph 3, 4, 6, & 7,  below.

3. We accept liability for personal injury or death which you suffer as a result of our acts or omissions. In the case of personal injury or death as a result of the acts and omissions of any supplier contracted or subcontracted by us to provide services in connection with your holiday arrangements, we shall offer you every assistance we can in pursuit of your claim against them, without liability. This paragraph is subject to the terms of paragraphs 4, 5, & 6, below.

4. We do not accept liability where there has been no fault on our part, or on the part of any of our suppliers and where the events complained of are due to an event which neither we nor our suppliers could have foreseen even if all due care had been exercised.

5. Should you or any member of your party suffer illness, personal injury or death through any misadventure out of an activity which does not form part of our holiday arrangements, nor part of any excursion sold through us, we shall offer you every assistance we can, without liability. This includes advice and  guidance.

6. If you have a complaint, this must be brought to our attention within 28 days of the end of the holiday.

Changes to the Price of the Holiday

1. If there is a change to the rate or scope of VAT, then your final invoice will reflect this with a price increase or reduction as appropriate, provided that the change amounts to at least 2% of the total price. There will be no change in price during the 30 days before arrival.

Other Booking Conditions

1. DISCOVER MORAVIA shall be under no liability for any loss arising from a client’s decision to travel without insurance.

2. Clients must be in possession of valid travel documents as described by the relevant embassies (e.g. visitors from outside the European Union may require visas for transit through Poland or Austria and to enter the Czech Republic. Please check with these embassies in your country before booking). No responsibility can be accepted by DISCOVER MORAVIA for inconvenience, loss, or delay arising from failure to comply with any country’s immigration regulations.

3. A non-returnable deposit of €80 is payable when you book. Payments may be made in Czech Koruna (CZK), British Pounds (GBP) or European Euros (EUR) at the exchange rate valid on the day of payment.  The balance is payable 8 weeks before arrival. Bookings less than 8 weeks from departure must be paid in full and a late booking fee may be payable in some cases, e.g. where meeting your requirements at short notice involves higher costs and greater financial risk to DISCOVER MORAVIA.

4. DISCOVER MORAVIA reserves the right to decline acceptance of any booking without stating a reason.

5. These booking conditions are the basis of the contract you enter with DISCOVER MORAVIA by paying the deposit. Clients booking on behalf of third parties also bind those third parties to the contract.