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This product consists of:

  • The PDF guidebook which has a map of the route and written directions including GPS coordinates, descriptions of waypoints and azimuth bearings to help you orientate yourself.
  • A responsive HTML copy of the written directions which you can download to a smartphone or tablet if you don’t want to print it.
  • A GPX file of the route which you can use to help orientate yourself if you use a GPS device.
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This is a hikingĀ guide to a fantastic hike through the wild rugged beauty of the Jeseniky Mountains. It contains details of a route which avoids some of the crowded paths and shows you places which most foreign visitors never see. It’s like having your own local tour guide in your pocket!

The guide contains a map of the route around the historic spa town of Karlova Studanka at a scale of 1:40000 or 2.5 cm to 1 km. The map shows the trails, which are coloured according to the trail markers which you will find on the mountain itself.

There is also a GPX file of the route. You may need to convert this to another format, depending on which GPS device you use. ITN Converter is a good tool for this but some users have experienced problems. We do not recommend hiking in the mountains when relying only on a GPS device for navigation. The Jeseniky Mountains are quite accessible, the weather is stable and predictable and the trails are among the most clearly marked in Europe. However, if your GPS device is a smartphone or tablet, it is better to use it to support a map and compass, not replace it.

Written directions for the route are included in PDF and responsive HTML formats. You can either print the PDF or download the HTML file to a smartphone or tablet. The directions include descriptions of the route, features which you will see and which will help you to navigate and points of interest plus notes on historical and cultural points of interest. There are also recommendations for places to eat drinkĀ and rest along the way.

If you have any problems with this package after you have downloaded it, please contact us with a description of the problems and we will either fix them or refund your money.

Welcome to our back yard and happy hiking!