Welcome to the beginning of our new site. Our goal is to bring you a selection of PDF travel guides including GPS data and useful smartphone apps so that you can enjoy this beautiful and friendly region at your own pace. As we finish producing the PDFs, they will be available to download from this site.

We have a fantastic cultural heritage on offer for visitors, much of which is unique to this region. For example

  • Working museums demonstrating traditional ways of life in beautifully restored original village buildings.
  • Museums dedicated to the heavy industry which shaped so much of the local way of life, such as coal mining and steel making.
  • Medieval castles and Baroque chateaux with exhibitions and demonstrations of contemporary life.
  • Architecture from periods of Central European history which was destroyed during World War Two in other countries.
  • An ongoing program of restoration and development detailing the history of this land from the end of World War One to the fall of Communism - a truly unique perspective on the evolution of modern Europe.

Until this site is fully up and running, you can contact us by email or follow our progress on Facebook. You can also browse the writings of Our Man In Moravia - True Tales Of Life In The Czech Republic for further inspiration. If there's anything you want to see that isn't on any of these pages, get in touch and we'll try to organise it for you.

We hope to see you here soon,

Jeff & Petra,

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