Velké Losiny Chateau

To the South of Velké Losiny lies the imposing chateau, one of the finest examples of Moravian Renaissance architecture.  It is first mentioned in 1412 and has undergone many modifications in the intervening centuries, ending in its present, 18th Century, condition.

The castle is dominated by a six-storey tower, the impressive three-wing complex with characteristic high chateau triple storey arcades and three wings of the lower chateau with smaller two-storey arcades. The jewel of the castle is the Knights’ Hall with its Renaissance period furnishings. The three meter high tiled stove, coffered ceiling of the hall with chandeliers and the sideboard is one of the most important historical monuments of its kind in the country.

The castle is surrounded by baroque gardens built in the 1730s and converted to a landscaped park by the Lichtenstein family who bought the castle in 1802 but who never resided there permanently.

The dark history of the castle associated with the Witch Trials is recalled in the book ‘Hammer of the witches’ by Václav Kaplický and the film of the same name by Otakar Vavra, which was shot on location here.

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