Kroměříž Flower Garden

The Flower Garden and the Chateau Garden are a complex of historic gardens which, along with the historical center of Kroměříž and the Archbishop’s Palace, have been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1998.

The Palm garden was established by Bishop Charles II. Lichtenstein-Kastelkorn in 1665 on barren and marshy land outside the former city walls. In the middle of the gardens stands an octagonal rotunda with rich interior stucco and fresco paintings. In the middle of the rotunda, a Foucault pendulum is suspended on a 25 metre long cable, tracing its path in the fine sand on the stone table. The pendulum was installed in the late 19th century by Dr. Francis Nábělek, a Kroměříž grammar school professor.

The garden is exactly symmetrical, fenced and richly decorated with sculptures and fountains with water jets. All this is surrounded by long, high hedges, which are planted in the shape of triangles. The whole of one side of the Flower Garden consists of a 224 metre long colonnade, which originally served as the main entrance.

The gallery is decorated with statues of ancient gods and historical and mythological characters in alcoves and busts on the pillars. The roof of the colonnade can be reached by a spiral staircase from where there are beautiful views of the graceful geometrically shaped hedges, paths, flower beds and a central rotunda.

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