Village Museum of Southeast Moravia in Strážnice

This outdoor museum is absolutely unique and preserves the traditional way of life which the villagers of this region led for hundreds of years. The concept is based on the idea of the founders to display folk architecture of individual areas of Slovácko, the name of this part of South Moravia, and therefore the museum is divided into areas representing these areas. In total there are 64 buildings in the grounds of the museum, which was landscaped and planted to match the original environment it represents, including water power, a vineyard and meadow area economy.

Exposure to these selected sites acquaints visitors with the lifestyle and the people living in mountain areas such as Slovácko and in the fertile part of the Morava River, where a large part of the economy is based on farmers growing grapes.

Sample viticultural buildings and their equipment, which is complemented by presenting vineyard wine production from the earliest times to the present, is the only exhibition of its kind in the country. Handicraft production is represented by the smithy of Lipova and weaving workshop from New Lhota in Horňácko.

An interesting and ancient building is the entrance to the museum, which dates from 1612 and was rebuilt in the Baroque style. Originally it was a brewery, today the building is used as a visitor centre.

Visitors to the National Institute of Folk Culture’s customs and traditions programs, held annually at the museum, can see displays of Maypole dancing, harvesting, herding in the mountains, etc., examples of handicraft techniques, events for children and the last weekend in June becomes an attractive environment for the programs of the International Folklore Festival of Strážnice.

Find it on the map.   Museum website in English.

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