Mountain Coaster in Němčičky

A mountain coaster, if you’ve never heard if one before, is like a roller coaster but built onto a hillside. The track in Němčičky is 825 m long, winding through the terraced hillside between vineyards, with 633 metres of downhill , 57 metres of vertical descent, 5 turns, 4 jumps (breaks off), 360 ° turn and 720 ° double turn (12 metres above land and water), which is the only one in the Czech Republic. Maximum speed is about 42 km/h and run times are measured by a digital exit timer, great for competitive visitors!

On the way down, riders can regulate the speed of the bob using the brake levers. Each bob equipped with a centrifugal brake that ensures a maximum speed not exceeding 42 km/h and a safety belt for each rider.

There are 23 two-seater bobs, with a capacity of 240 kg. They can be used for a variety of crews, such as one adult, two adults, an adult and a child or two children from eight years old.

Find it on the map.  Website in Czech (with Google translator).  Video

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