Lednice Chateau

The first mention of the village called Lednice occurred  in the year 1222. At that time, the bishops Adamar and Lipert built a fortress guarding the river crossing. One hundred years later, the building became the property of the Liechtenstein family and remained so until 1945, when it was nationalized.

From the late 18th century to the mid 19th century  beautiful romantic buildings were created around the castle located mainly in the park.  With its French garden and a large English park, it is one of the most romantic sights not only in the Czech Republic, but also throughout Europe. The whole of Lednice-Valtice was listed as a world cultural heritage site by UNESCO in 1996.

The atmosphere of a fairy-tale castle  hasn’t been lost at Lednice. People come here to revive childhood dreams under the pretext of admiring the magnificent architecture with an expert eye.

Exhibitions throughout the season include archery, hunting with birds of prey, Czech surrealism, fencing performances  by “The Outlaws” and historical horse-drawn landaus.

The whole of the Lednice Valtice grounds are surrounded by beautiful, natural meadows and groves.  As well as the local flora, there is a greenhouse nearly 100 m long and 13 m wide, built to cultivate subtropical and tropical plants mainly from South America and a pond containing goldfish. Grottos under Lednice were enlarged in the 17th century to create an artificial cave.

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