Austerlitz Peace Memorial

The Austerlitz Peace Memorial – a place of reverence symbolising the famous Battle of Austerlitz, where the troops of Napoleon Bonaparte won a decisive victory over the Russians and Austrians in 1805.

The 26 metre high monument was built on the highest point of the former battlefield (Pracký Hill – 324 m) in honour of the victims of this engagement. It dominates the protected monument zone of Austerlitz battlefield and deep within the memorial lies a chapel and ossuary containing the bones found on the battlefield. Construction was initiated by Brno priest and educator Alois Slovak, with the  design and construction carried out by the famous Czech architect Josef Fanta.

On the Peace Monument itself four statues of shield bearers can be seen, symbolizing France, Austria, Russia and Moravia. The monument is a museum of the nearby Battle of the Three Emperors. On  commemoration days, national and church holidays in July and August  the monument is festively illuminated.

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