Velké Losiny hand-made paper and museum of paper.

One of the most precious cultural monuments of Velké Losiny is the unique and fully functional Paper Mill, one of the oldest handmade paper mills in Europe. Its products are sold not only in this country but are exported all over the world. The paper mill was founded on the estate of the Moravian lords of Žerotín at the end of the 16th century. Handmade paper is still made here by using traditional cotton and linen, surface sized and naturally air-dried soil in large attic drying rooms. This guarantees a beautiful appearance, high quality and centuries of durability, and is therefore used in the visual arts, for significant personal and business correspondence, representational purposes, printing for bibliophiles and also in book arts and restoration practices.

In 2002, the Czech government declared the hand-mill in Velké Losiny a national monument.

There is also a Paper Museum, where visitors can learn about the historical development of the traditions of the old stationery and crafts. With its sector focus on the past and the development of production equipment and paper production, it is the only one of its kind in the Czech Republic. On the basic tour, visitors see the most attractive parts of the building, including visits to handmade paper production workplaces . The museum is open year-round. During the high season (July-September) there is also a second, additional tour focusing on points of technical interest and energy sources for powering production equipment.

If you’re interested, you can go to the local company store to buy real handmade paper, handmade paper products and various souvenirs.

Find it on the map.   Museum website in English.

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