A pleasant autumn stroll

Our Dog, trying to decide if the river is a good enough vintage for her.

What a surprise, boys and girls!  A warm day and beautiful sunshine.  I decided after a few chores to take the dog for a stroll and look for some fallen wood which might be useful for small carvings and sculptures.

Well, what can I say?  Surrounded by this season’s colours, fresh air, the smell of wood-smoke (from quaint country cottages belonging to people with money and the strength to wield an axe) and oil-mixed-with-sawdust-packed-inside-a-plastic-bottle-smoke (from quaint country cottages belonging to pensioners), I wandered free among the hills and forests.  It was 20C!

At this time of year, the country is getting ready to hibernate… the apples are in, the fruit’s been picked for wine and spirits and in our case, the first batch of cider is on the go.  But I’ll be a monkey’s uncle if it wasn’t a spring day today, despite the unseasonable colours.

Far from the madding crowd and dragging Our Dog reluctantly behind me, it was a peaceful break in the sun.  Fresh air, except for the smoke from the fires of the less well-off and nature settling down for the autumn.

Number 3, the larch
A pretty river.
Our Dog eating food left out for animals less fortunate than herself.
A dodgy bridge.
Some more larches.
Traditional smog produced by the inhabitants of Krásné Pole.
Traditional smog being exported.
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Sunset over Čavisov.
Some deer which Our Dog utterly failed to hunt.

I must say, Our Dog wasn’t so impressed but she was happily curled up on the sofa before I decided to go out so perhaps it wasn’t so surprising.  Due to her reluctance, I couldn’t go as far as I wanted before darkness fell but it was a nice little stroll nonetheless.

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